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Sharps Disposal Range

The concept of providing Sharp disposal units into the workplace, public washrooms and clinical centres have long been anticipated as a solution for safer disposals of needles and sharp objects.

In an ever increasing environmentally conscious society, we need to ensure we dispose of waste responsibly. Speciality waste requires responsible and customised disposal methods. There are legislations about appropriate disposal of sharp wastes. Generators of sharp wastes must take all necessary precautions to minimise hazards and ensure that they are managed safely and legally. Initial Hygiene presents our Sharps Disposal Range ~ a waste disposal system that focuses on the protection of your customers and staff from any sharp wastes.

Initial customers and staff are now provided with peace of mind, knowing:
• They are protected from the whole disposal process
• They are protected from dangerous wastes
• Initial’s employees are protected with the approved training and qualifications to provide this service
• Initial protects the environment through effective handling and disposal of sharp waste


The Solution 

Initial Hygiene Sharps Disposal Range
Compact high quality all-purpose disposal containers for convenient and safe disposal of sharp wastes.

1.8 Litre Screw Top with Insert Container


Sharps Disposal 1.8L container

Has an injection moulded lid with superior impact, crush and needle penetration resistance.







3 Litres Container

Sharps Disposal 3L container

Has a one-way petal insert with needle notch remover. Great for the storage of large quantities of used sharps



8 Litres Container

Sharps Disposal 8L container

The petal insert helps prevent spillage and removal of sharp objects. The needle notch enables the easy removal of the needle tips. The snap top lid is fast and easy to use and can be used multiple times. It has a handle for ease of transportation.




The discreet Sharps Solution

Sharps Disposal Robust Receptacle
The Robust Receptacle holds a 1.8 litre disposal sharps container which are most suited for any public facility

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