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Rentokil Initial Acquires Fumacare


It is with great pleasure we announce that Rentokil Initial have acquired Fumacare. The sale was completed on 1 January, 2016.

Smell, the most powerful of the senses.


While smells are an unavoidable consequence of the ‘business’ that takes place in the washroom, there are simple solutions that business’ can adopt to improve the perception of odour in these spaces. Find out more.

40% of shoppers worry about cubicle hygiene


Did you know that 2 in 5 shopping centre visitors worry about hygiene and take measures to ensure their own hygiene security? That’s 40% of shoppers worrying about...

Stop the Journey of Germs


If you go to the toilet and you don't close the lid before you flush, germs from within the toilet will spread around the cubicle when you do flush. This “toilet sneeze”...

A call to businesses: Let's be blunt around sharps


Sharps: a word full of connotations, none of which represent their importance in keeping New Zealanders safe from health complications. This is particularly so with the rise of health issues such as Diabetes where...

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