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Feminine Hygiene

12L No Touch Feminine Hygiene Unit

Space is now a luxury that many urban environments can hardly spare. This is becoming more and more apparent with the modern washroom constantly shrinking in size. With this rising trend, the sizes of cubicles have now reduced, making it difficult for the humble feminine hygiene unit to fit in.

In responding to this change, Initial has introduced a slimline 12L Feminine Hygiene Unit that will slide beside a toilet with ease. This is to ensure we have a solution to assist customers in raising hygiene standards within their business, as well as maintain user experience with all the right equipment throughout the washroom.

  • Protection

    Integrated Anti-Microbial Agents – improving surface hygiene to help prevent spread of germs by inhibiting growth of bacteria
  • Design

    Ergonomically designed to ensure it is practical and comfortable to use
  • Quality

    Quiet, reliable operation for hygienic, discreet use
  • Service

    Sanitary disposal service ensures feminine hygiene waste is handled in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner


  • No touch operation provides superior hygiene protection for the user
  • Integral antibacterial technology - improving surface hygiene and helping prevent the spread of germs by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Surface specifically designed to enhance hygiene standards and help make cleaning easier
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure it is practical and comfortable to use
  • Sleek, contemporary design
  • Large capacity, but in a compact slimline unit, designed to minimise the footprint in the modern cubicle
  • Large aperture allows for easy disposal of waste
  • Modesty flap for discreet disposal and prevention of exposure to contents
  • Quiet, reliable operation for hygienic, discreet use
  • Available in white or silver finishes
  • Also Available in Manual
Material – Polypropylene & ABS
Capacity – 22L
Dimensions – H 510mm x W 540mm x D 180mm
Weight – 2700g

Environmentally Friendly Odour Protection

To ensure a pleasant washroom experience is provided, Initial's sanitary disposal bins contain an environmentally friendly deodorising ‘BioSach’ sachet, which combats the unpleasant odours inside the bin, whilst slowly releasing a citrus fragrance to deliver constant cubicle freshness.

Waste Disposal Service

Initial Hygiene's sanitary disposal service helps you dispose of feminine hygiene waste in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring your business’ compliance with the necessary regulations, providing you with complete peace of mind.

The service provides your washroom cubicles with a 22 litre no touch sanitary unit specifically designed for the modern compact cubicle.

A fully trained customer delivery representative from one of Initial Hygiene's local waste transfer stations will perform a regular scheduled visit to your premises. Exchanging your feminine hygiene disposal bins on each visit ensures a constantly high level of hygiene within your washroom.

Service Key Points

  • Sanitary disposal bin(s) supplied
  • Scheduled bin exchanges
  • ‘BioSach’ environmentally friendly odour neutralising sachet included
  • Waste transfer documentation provided
  • Full compliance relevant legislation

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