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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Working With You

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Almost every organization requires washroom hygiene services. The question is, who are you going to choose to supply yours? Initial Hygiene has extensive experience across almost every business sector. Be it a small trade business or a large industrial plant, we base our approach on first understanding the nature of your business, then putting together a washroom service program that best suits you. From general washroom hygiene service and supply, to specialist installation and maintenance, trust us to take care of everything. We will be the link to enhancing the wellbeing of you and your staff through the renewal of space – fresh, clean and effective.

Our Approach and Understanding Your Needs

Washroom hygiene service is a process we’ve studied closely for many years. We’ve refined our approach to a point where our unobtrusive yet effective service is a byword in the industry. We always start by understanding your needs – then putting in place levels of service to meet them.

Initial Hygiene also provide companies with office hygiene with a focus on IT hygiene. However many services you choose to source from Initial Hygiene you’ll always enjoy a high level of professionalism when dealing with our organisation. Your dedicated account manager will constantly assess how well we are meeting your needs, and suggest modifications from time to time. You’ll also receive one simple monthly invoice from us, with all services clearly itemised.

Thinking of changing your washroom supplier but concerned that the transition could be problematic? Relax. Our experience can help make the move simple and straightforward. From helping you decide on the level of service you need, to arranging every detail of your new contract we’ll support you every step of the way.

Changing Suppliers

One of the main barriers to changing suppliers in business-critical areas such as washroom hygiene services is concern about the impact the move could have on your operations. Initial Hygiene has extensive experience helping new customers manage the transition process smoothly and effectively – so there is no interruption in service, and no loss of comfort and convenience for your staff and customers.

Your dedicated account manager will begin by creating a comprehensive listing of your requirements, and shadowing your current supplier. When the time comes to switch, our service will move seamlessly in to replace your present supplier.

All you will notice is a smoother, more efficient, more professional, more reliable service. Your washroom hygiene requirements will be met with fewer headaches, and before you know it you will be working with the best in the business.

At Your Service

Combining great service with insightful understanding of your business is the characteristic that sets Initial apart from the rest. We are always available to answer your questions and respond to your needs. That’s true of everyone at Initial from account managers to service staff. Everyone on our team is dedicated to helping your business perform as well as possible.

Whenever you deal with Initial - however large or small your contract – you’ll always enjoy a single point of contact. Your dedicated account manager will have complete oversight of your requirements, and we’ll provide one simple, itemised invoice each month.

All our customers benefit from:

• A dedicated team with a thorough understanding of every aspect of your account.
• Immediate advice on any questions relating to our products and services you may have.
• Rapid decision-making.
• Experience and in-depth expertise in all areas of textile services and products.
• Dedicated Research and Development bringing the benefits of the latest developments in hygiene products and services.

Consultation Survey

If you are unhappy with your current hygiene supplier or have yet to appoint a professional hygiene team, now is the perfect opportunity to experience the Initial Hygiene difference.

We will meet you at your business to discuss your hygiene needs. Our fully trained account managers can discuss your options with you to provide a level of product and service that suits your bottom line and your legislative requirements.

Better still, you can take advantage of a free survey to look at your hygiene needs in depth and specific to you and your business. Our trained experts have undertaken hundreds of these surveys to give businesses just like yours a valuable tool in the decision making process.

To find out how you can take advantage of the free survey, then contact us today.

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